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Essential Software

Table of Contents

  1. For all systems
  2. For macOS

You should install the following software before continuing with this guide. For programs marked with an *, you can substitute software that provides similar functionality.

For all systems

  • Docker, for running premade computing environments. After installing Docker, run the Docker application. From the docker icon in the menu bar, select Preferences and adjust the available resources. Depending on your computer resources, you probably want to allow 4-8 GiB of memory and 2-4 CPUs. Click ‘Apply & Restart’.
  • Connectome Workbench, for viewing MRI data
  • Globus Connect, for transferring files to computing systems
  • Sublime*, for writing scripts

For macOS

  • XQuartz, for displaying graphical interfaces
  • GitKraken*, an easy to use graphical interface for git.
  • MacDown*, for writing documentation
  • Cyberduck*, for browsing remote filesystems and copying files
  • FUSE and SSHFS*, for browsing remote filesystems and copying files